Exclusive Wedding

Say yes to a dazzling and exclusive wedding and book our suites for you and your closest ones. Our concierge team will gladly help you to plan the most fabulous ceremony up to the slightest detail and make your wedding day truly unique providing the best service imaginable.

As the sun becomes one with the sea forming the renowned Santorinian sunset you know that you have found the perfect place to honor your everlasting love and feel the notion of "two lives coming together as one".

You may complete the exciting trip experience by taking advantage of the most adorable honeymoon packages and celebrate one of the happiest days of your life in an environment drenched with sheer romanticism. All packages may be customized according to your personalized touch resulting in an unforgettable honeymoon trip while our memorable services are especially designed to make your every dream come alive. Take some time for yourselves at an idyllic setting and make memories that will last forever!

unique experience
Booking a boutique hotel comprising three exclusive suites is the absolute experience for a private wedding.

Hand-pick your guests and celebrate this special moment of yours with your loved ones, close family and friends. Alternatively, you can enjoy a large wedding at the hotel's ample outdoor area, where up to 100 seated people can be hosted in comfort and style.

Throw a vibrant party till the dawn or enjoy a mouth-watering buffet dinner and a cocktail party, perfectly tailored to your own personalized needs. In cooperation and in absolute synch with the wedding planners, you can make all your dreams come true and organize the music, the décor and anything else to the slightest, tiniest detail. Weddings in Santorini are iconic and enchantingly romantic, with Adore Santorini being the most inspiring setting for such a wonderful occasion!